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i feel your pain.

Hi, I’m Tania, and I’m an empathic and ardent practitioner of natural health therapies. I work to reduce the unique pain people can suffer due to chronic illness, emotional fatigue, weight fluctuation, and energy imbalances. I offer a wide spectrum of natropathic treatments to help others experience the pain-free life they deserve. 

Tania's ❖ Pain Management & Wellness ❖ Winsted, Minnesota

First-time clients and clients I have not seen for a while are asked to please schedule an initial consultation. Do not make another type of appointment until this has been done. If you suffer from allergies (food, seasonal or otherwise), nicotine addiction, or alcohol overindulgence. Please book this appointment.

❖ Health Journey ❖

Chronic pain last months or years and happens in all parts of the body. It interferes with daily life and can lead to depression and anxiety. The first step in treatment is to find and treat the cause. Let's figure this out together. Often I can help where traditional medicine fails.

❖ Chronic Pain Treatments ❖

Fatigue is a common symptom. Almost everyone feels it during short-term illness. Fortunately, fatigue usually goes away when the illness is over. But sometimes, fatigue doesn't go away. It doesn't get better with rest. And the cause might be unclear. Let's work together to figure it out. Make your appointment today

❖ Energy Imbalance Treatments ❖

Emotional fatigue is a state of extreme emotional, physical, and psychological exhaustion caused by an accumulation of stressful situations. Everyone handles these stressors differently. Make an appointment today to see how I can help you if you're feeling disconnected from things that should make you happy.

❖ Emotional Fatigue Treatments ❖

If you are trying to lose weight or change your body composition then making an appointment may be just what you need to get you going in the right direction. I encourage you to learn more about the services I offer that can help you do just that.

❖ Weight Fluctuation Treatments ❖

I am now offering classes to help with your Health Journey. Please check out the schedule. I welcome everyone to participate.

❖ Wellness Classes ❖

Tania's Wellness Corner

A Little About Tania's Wellness Corner

Tania’s Wellness Corner started out as a corner office in Tania’s home. Tania worked with her training in Reiki, her ionic footbath and Derma Laser helping a few friends and family member with pain management after Tania found relief for headaches/migraines with cold laser therapy. 

Tania continued to research and study natural health modalities, adding new techniques and studying diet and nutrition, building her business with new clients seeking help for weight loss and pain management. Tania was invited to move her business into an office with other health related businesses. 

Tania out grew her office with new clients coming in and new modalities being added, so she moved again to another larger office. In 2019, Tania made the decision to move her business to the current location in Winsted, building out a multiple room office to allow for wellness treatments, classes, food demos, and other natural health modalities.

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Tania's Wellness Corner

3 Consultation Types for 1 Great Outcome

Are you a new client or an existing client who has not been seen for a while?

The Initial Intake Appointment for New Clients: If you’re a new client and have not been seen by Tania the Initial Consultation is the appointment you need. This appointment entails a deep dive into your needs and health concerns as well as what limitation you may or may not have. You will be asked to fill out intake forms when you book the Initial Intake Appointment before solidifying this appointment. Getting this done in advance greatly reduces the on-boarding process time and should even allow for an initial treatment when we meet.

60 or 90 Minute Followup Consultation: If you are an existing client, but have not been seen for a while, we’ll want to meet to assess your current needs and you should book a Follow-up Consultation Appointment. Then again you may just want to re-strategize your treatment plan, and a Follow-up Appointment is for you.

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