About Tania

Tania Krueger
Tania Krueger, Traditional Natropath

Tania has worked in Natural Health for over thirteen years and completed her Naturopathic Doctor Program in 2006. Tania is a Traditional Naturopath and has also achieved:

  • Level 2 certification in Reiki and Vibrational Therapy;
  • Level 1 Certified Lymphatic Enhancement Therapy Practitioner;
  • Applied Kinesiology;
  • Reflexology;
  • Laserology;
  • Bach Flower Remedies;
  • Homeopathy and Nutrition.

Tania was born and raised in Mankato MN. She graduated from Mankato East High School in 1997, and continued her education at Mankato State University. In 1999, Tania transferred to Ridgewater College in Hutchinson, MN. Tania returned to college to complete her degree in Psychology and continued into the Master’s program for Mental Health Counseling.  Tania graduated with her Master’s in 2017 and is currently working on he license in Marriage and Family Therapy. 

Tania currently lives in McLeod County, MN.  Tania has two adult daughters and several fur babies.

Tania's Journey

When Tania was around the age of six, her mother (Pat) collapsed due to a chemical spill in the lab that she worked at.  Over the next several years, Pat doctored and traveled extensively in hopes that someone could possibly help diagnosis her condition.  The doctors tried many modalities and medications only to have her react violently and seize from the medications and therapies.  She was finally told to go home and get her affairs in order- there was nothing the medical field could do for her. 

This condition is now commonly called Chemical Hypersensitivity and it still affects her today. 

After the medical field decided they could not help, Pat met an Herbalist. This Herbalist started her on herbs and herbal combinations that helped her body to be stronger, and to be able to eat a variety of natural foods (at the time she was limited to six foods that she could eat without reaction). 

As Tania watched over the years, her mother went from being home bound and always wearing an oxygen respirator to being able to go out and shop at stores and be in public without her oxygen mask.  As her mother healed, those who loved her watched her make progress as she began to study and learn more about what happened to her body.

Tania’s mother pursued more education and completed her schooling in Naturopathic Medicine in 2000.  Pat now has a full practice in Mankato, MN.  In 2000, her business was growing and she called Tania to see if she could help out for a short time until she could find a secretary.  Tania worked with her mom for over six years, and now has branched into her own practice.

Helping you heal, Naturally!

Currently, Tania’s main focus is pain management and weight loss.  Tania uses  detoxification- EB PRO Ionic Footbath, Lymphatic Enhancement Therapy, Cold Laser-Erchonia Medical’s EVRL laser, and In Light Therapy. Tania focuses on  one-on-one counseling for nutrition and weight management.

In October 2011, Lymphatic Enhancement Therapy-(LET) with LET Blue Radiance Facial was added to her list of services.

Tania’s passion is to educate people on a variety of Natural Health topics in an effort to help them have a healthier lifestyle.