The following are modalities that offer as part of a consultation with me. These are not listed in any particular order.

  • Vibrational Therapy– A body balancing technique that uses vibration (tuning forks) to stimulate the body’s ability to increase its own frequency. This promotes relaxation, regaining focus, and energy, and helps to calm anxiety issues. Research proven by the Lambdoba Research Center. 
  • EVOX (Perception Reframing) Perception is the way you feel and think about something. Because we perceive more than we are aware of, perception is more often ‘felt’ rather than ‘thought about.’ EVOX uses the voice to map perception about specific topics like health, relationships, work or athletic performance; any aspect of life. It then analyses that map, called a Perception Index, and creates a playback information packet that the body uses to bring perception to the level of awareness and allow it to be reframed. EVOX is used to improve every aspect of human performance. 
  • ASERT– first-identify “antagonizers” to the body. Then using the Derma Laser- to ‘reprogram’ the body by stimulating certain points on the body that “reprogram” the body to not be abnormally sensitive to those “antagonizers”. *This is helpful for food intolerances. 
  • Low Level Laser Therapy/Cold Laser Therapy– Erchonia’s Derma Laser: Increases cellular communication to decrease chronic and acute pain resulting in increased range of motion. (As seen on Dr Oz)
  • Lymphatic Enhancement Therapy (LET)– LET is a gentle manual stimuation technique that uses the LymphStar Pro Fusion. This is a gentle, non-invasive procedure that appears to work faster and deeper than manual techniques used alone.  LET is essentially a skin treatment-all hands-on and the Lymphstar Pro Fusion technique is applied directly to the skin in a gentle and rhythemic manner. LET is great for feelings of sluggishness, weight issues, body soreness/tenderness, post surgical healing and other many other heath concerns.  
  • Nutritional Counseling– The process of evaluating your current food choices and creating a plan to enhance the enjoyment and health benefits of the food you eat. This may also included a short term supplementation program to help boost the body nutritionally.
  • Ionic Detox Footbath-The EB PRO- Cellular Cleanse Therapy creates an energy field similar to the energy field produced by the human body. This field stimulates cellular energy and enhances the body’s ability to internally cleanse itself. Experiences vary from person to person based on overall health.
  • Weight Management: We work together on the following steps for weight concerns:
    • we start by discussing how the digestive and elimination systems work and why it is important to weight concerns;
    • customize a food plan that works with your lifestyle
    • assess stress levels;
    • address cleansing- is it right for you?
    • identify emotional concerns behind weight loss and ideal weight management;
    • consider other antagonizers such as allergies or other medical diagnosis;
    • discuss the options of supplementation.

Other modalities and trainings are also available as I am continuously training and learning new and updated information on natural health topics. Please contact me if you have any questions.

I also carry and have the ability to order many natural health products, essential oils, pet products and other health products.